Chair: Chai Vankireddy

Vice-Chair: Ben Holderness

The events of 9/11 and the actions that occurred in the aftermath have dictated much of America’s actions, sentiments, and relationships towards the Eastern World in the first two decades of this century. PEAMUNX’s first crisis committee will simulate President Bush’s cabinet moments after the horrendous attack; no information has come in on who is responsible, their motives for attacking and the specific casualties. Delegates will be tasked with creating solutions to ease the public’s fear, mitigate the disaster at hand, and handle new intelligence that comes in. The actions that the cabinet decides to take will not only have a direct impact on the future of modern day terrorism but will also reflect directly upon the cabinet and how the American population feels about the Bush Administration.


Meet Your Chair



Chai is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy who is originally from Seattle. She joined Model UN at her old middle school and, although at first reluctant, came to value the skills and experiences MUN brought her. Aside from MUN, Chai plays in orchestras, does debate, and plays tennis. She looks forward to chairing the Bush Cabinet Crisis, and watching an exciting day of debate.