Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space: Equitability and Management of Outer Space

Chair: Jasmine Liao

Vice-Chair: Maya Boulden

Moderator: Pedro Coelho

COPUOS (or the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space) is a subcommittee that reports to the United Nations General Assembly Fourth Committee (SPECPOL). it tackles topics pertaining to international cooperation in peaceful uses of outer space, studying space-related activities that could be undertaken by the United Nations, encouraging space research programmes, and studying legal problems arising from the exploration of outer space.

In PEAMUN’s Committee for the Peaceful Use of Outer Space, delegates will be exploring five aspects of the equitability and management of outer space: resources, access, militarization, space debris, and colonization. Delegates will discuss recent astro-tech innovations in both the private and public sector, ways to evenly distribute the resources and research for outer space, how to ensure the fairness in space access and weaponization, and how to manage the space debris that is created through space activities. We look forward to great debate over how to address these issues so all countries can be prepared in facing the new frontier.

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Meet Your Chair

Jasmine Liao is a senior at Phillips Exeter Academy In between doing Mock Trial, singing in a cappella and concert choir, and being PR head for Student Council, she loves to play video games, Ultimate Frisbee, piano and the guitar. She also loves to watch Rick and Morty as well as Vine compilations. She was introduced to MUN as a freshman, participated in MUN as a sophomore, and moderated PEAMUN X as a junior. She looks forward to an exhilarating day of fruitful debate, passionate speeches, and thoughtful solutions.