There are three main types of documents produced in a crisis committee: directives, communiqué, press release.

Directive: A formal action taken by the entire committee, which must first be voted upon. Directives use active verbs such as sends, stations, or creates. Whereas resolutions in GAs usually only recommend or suggest an action, directives in crisis committees go into effect as soon as they are passed. A crisis committee has the power to take drastic actions and witness their repercussions. Directives are much shorter than resolutions and usually contain 1—4 clauses. Preambulatory clauses are NOT necessary. Be as SPECIFIC as possible. As a chair, I want to know all the details. If your directive lacks details, your plan will fail. Each directive must have at least 1 sponsor and 3 signatories.

Sample Keywords: Move, Assassinate, Raise, Extradite, Justify, Create, Declare, Lower, Force, Write, Allocate, Institute, Establish, Suggest, Hire, Donate, Arrange, Remove, Deliver, Recall, Frame, Investigate, Define, Construct, Propose, Convict, Request, Transmit, Authorize, Send, Communicate, Produce, Publicize, Remove, Eliminate        


Directive Deployment

Sponsor: Secretary of State James Baker

Signatories: Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, Secretary of Transportation Samuel Skinner, Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater

Dispatches 3,000 US Infantry soldiers and 75 Boeing B-52 Stratofortress to the US military base Dammam, Saudi Arabia by October 15, 1990;

Transfers the USS Independence from the Indian Ocean to the Persian Gulf, 40 nautical miles from the Kuwaiti shore;

Contacts the Saudi Ambassador to the USA to discuss the formation of a US-Saudi coalition against Saddam Hussein.

Communiqué: A formal letter from a committee/delegate to other actors. If sent from the committee, communiqués must be approved by a majority vote. The tone of the letter must be appropriate according to the letter’s tent. If you are writing to the Queen of the United Kingdom, you should write very formally. If you are writing to the leader of an NGO, your tone could be more emotional and loose. If you send the communique from the committee, it must have at least 1 sponsor and 3 signatories.



Dear President Vladimir Putin,

It is with grave concern that I address you today about the stationing of Russian special forces near the Ukrainian border. Ukraine has been a sovereign state since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the Russian government under Yeltsin agreed to respect its borders. If the presence of Russian special forces at the border escalates, France will take tough measures. I ask you to reconsider your approach to Ukraine.


Francois Hollande

Press Release: A statement from a committee/delegate that will be broadcasted to the general public. If sent from the committee, press releases must be approved through a majority vote. Can be used to sway public opinion: incite outrage… or indifference. Quick way to disseminate information, often used to publicize a passed directive.


Press Release

The United States government condemns Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons. In the next few days, Trump’s administration will work with the United Kingdom and Germany to conduct an air campaign against Syrian military bases.


Author: Mark Blekherman

Published: October 10, 2018