US Cabinet

Joint Crisis I


Chair: Michael Garcia

Location: Club Room B (Second Floor of Phelps Academy Center)

After decades of increasing strains in the relationship between impoverished laborers and ambitious capitalists, tensions materialized into bullets on July 7, 1894 in Chicago, Illinois. When railroad workers voiced their grievances about poor living conditions, meager wages, and 16-hour work days to Pullman Palace Car Railroad President George M. Pullman in May 1894, Pullman had the workers fired--triggering a national strike of over 250,000 railroad workers by the end of June. As Attorney General Richard Olney stated, “the reign of terror had begun.” The conflict between 15,000 soldiers and 125,000 workers in Chicago resulted in nearly 30 deaths after soldiers shot into a mob. The strike subsided eventually, but underlying complications as a result of the Industrial Revolution still lingered in America’s mind. In this Joint Crisis Committee, you will be representing members of President Grover Cleveland’s Cabinet. Your goal will be to solve the issues that the Pullman Strike of 1894 exposed. You will answer the questions that Americans are asking: how do you balance economic growth with the human cost associated with it? Who gets the final say: business or bureaucracy? Our committee will have to shape history to answer these critical questions as well as navigate the complicated relationship between the craftsmen, the capitalists, and the Constitution.

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Joint Crisis II


Chair: Tim Han

Location: Club Room A (Second Floor of Phelps Academy Center)

The JCC Monopolies Room will seek to explore the antitrust legislation of the late 19th and early 20th century. In the Monopolies room, the great robber barons and industry magnates of the period will gather together with two goals: to prevent as much regulatory government legislation as possible and to enrich themselves in the process. With bribery, murder, and all manner of corrupt backroom negotiations available to these billionaires and millionaires, who will emerge on top?

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Sokovia Accords

Fictional Crisis


Chair: Aiden Roberts

Location: PAC 316 (third floor of the Phelps Academy Center)

Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Universe debate over the Sokovia Accords. In this fictional Crisis Committee, delegates will take on the roles of MCU characters and go to war over the issues that divide them. Based loosely on Captain America: Civil War, and drawing from the Marvel Extended Cinematic Universe (including characters like Quake, Phil Coulson, and Daredevil), delegates will take sides in an epic debate over controversies like New York, Sokovia, and Lagos. Use your superpowers (portfolio powers), your superior debate skills, and your desire to save the world to unite the Avengers and prevent a Civil War. Should the UN have jurisdiction over the Avengers? What's the line between Hero and Vigilante? Is the loss of civilian life justified in stopping the world from extraterrestrial and domestic terror? Join the MCU Sokovia Accords Crisis Committee to find out.

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