Chair: Sam Chang

Vice-Chair: Isabella Bacon

Moderator: Penny Brant

DISEC (also known as the Disarmament and International Security Committee or DISEC) is the first out of six main committees at the General Assembly. Attended by all members of the UN, it tackles topics central to world peace.

The illicit trade in small arms happens across the globe but is often concentrated in regions affected by armed conflict, organized crime, and violence; the lack of security in these areas drives the demand for civilian weapons. On an even darker level, arms trafficking fuels civil wars, and provides weapons for terrorist groups, cartels, and other armed groups. Intercontinental small arms trade only accounts for a fraction of illicit transfers; most trade usually occurs on a regional or local level.  Countries have discussed strategies to combat and control illegal small arms trade by keeping tabs of surplus weapons, destroying a number of them when necessary. However, no action taken has substantially decreased the illicit trade in small arms.


Meet Your Chair

Samuel Chang is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy. Although he’s originally from Princeton, New Jersey, he now resides in Browning House at the Academy. Sam was introduced to Model UN at the beginning of sophomore year when he attended PEAMUN IX. Since then, he has fallen in love with Model UN conferences and the club environment. While juggling his position as the PR Manager for the Exonian school newspaper, and singing in concert choir and two student led acapella groups, Sam also runs on the Academy’s winter track team and rows on the crew team. Sam looks forward to serving as chair of DISEC, and can't wait to see delegates debating cartels, terrorist groups, and arms trafficking.