Doctors Without Borders 2025: The Melting Icecaps & The Anthrax Outbreak

Chair: Alana Yang

Vice Chair: Siona Jain

Doctors Without Borders is an organization which provides lifesaving humanitarian medical care to those needing help in every region of the planet whether the cause be war, famine, or disease.

In 2016, Russia fought a mysterious anthrax outbreak from a remote corner of Siberia that wounded 100 people and took the life of a 12-year-old boy. Scientists traced the outbreak back to its roots – unprecedented high temperatures in the Arctic Circle thawed glacier ice, exposing a deer carcass that contained the bacteria, and released it into the air. Now, in 2025, Doctors Without Borders has been tasked to curb yet another anthrax outbreak that threatens to take the lives of many more, this time on a global scale. The outbreak has already claimed the life of the organization’s International President, Joanne Liu. It’s up to the rest of the board members to organize a response that encompasses both the medical and environmental aspects of the crisis.

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Meet Your Chair


Alana Yang is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy who currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan. She participated in Model UN for the first time on her middle school travel team during her 8th grade year, attending two THIMUN procedure conferences. Since coming to Exeter, Alana’s discovered a love for diplomatic debate, the research of global issues, and most of all, the people in the MUN club. When she doesn’t have track or softball practice, she enjoys sketching, playing UNO with Friends, and sleeping in the Amen Hall common room. Alana looks forward to a day full of fast-paced debate and solution-making with the members of the International Labor Organization!