Will lunch be provided?

PEAMUN provides both breakfast and lunch for delegates and one advisor. Pizza will be provided for lunch.

What is the dress code?

PEAMUN has a strict business formal dress code. For more information regarding business formal, please visit the link.

What is PEAMUN’s technology policy?

PEAMUN is a no technology conference. Laptops and other forms of technology are not allowed in committee.

Are position papers mandatory?

No, position papers are optional. However, PEAMUN encourages all delegates to write position papers to help them prepare and research for committee.

Can I pre-write working papers?

No, working papers must be written in committee.

What are the adviser’s responsibilities?

Phillips Exeter Academy expects all advisers to stay on campus, and be able to step into any situation involving their own school’s students. Advisers will be able to stay in the adviser room or spectate various committees. For lunch, advisers are expected to help supervise one lunch shift. For more details, please visit the link.