Chair: Dhruva Nistane

Vice-Chair: Christopher Roper

The Order of the Illuminati was born on May 1, 1776, launched by Adam Weishaupt, a German philosopher. Disagreeing with many of the Freemasons’ ideas, Weishaupt decided to start his own secret society, The Order of the Illuminati. The organization's purpose was to oppose the Roman Catholic Church's power over science and philosophy and spread Enlightenment ideals. Starting off with five members, the society grew exponentially, holding thousands of members by 1784. There were a total of 13 degrees of initiation, divided into three classes, with the topmost class called "king." The society is said to have died out after secret societies were made illegal in Bavaria. However, this is far from the truth. The Illuminati is alive and well. Today, the Illuminati is filled with the most influential world leaders. Although conspiracies have been mixed with truths and lies, the Illuminati has had its hand in various dealings. Its current goal is to form a New World Order, consolidating global power into the hands of the few. This committee will be a meeting of the kings, who will hatch their New World Order.


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