North Korean Cabinet: Korean War

Chair: Phillip Horrigan

Vice-Chair: Adith Reddi

It is June of 1950 and a North Korean cabinet of generals, rulers, and diplomats has assembled with one goal in mind: invade and conquer their capitalist neighbor South Korea. These cabinet members will be tasked with navigating their own version of the Fatherland Liberation War while receiving constant crisis updates. War is complicated and multifaceted, so the cabinet members will have a lot to pay attention to as they face counter-attacks, worldwide opposition, and internal strife. How will they win the war? What does that victory look like? What will they do to promote their own careers in an increasingly unstable environment?


Meet Your Chair


Hi delegates! My name is Phil Horrigan and I am a Junior from Washington DC. I joined Model UN at my small middle school and haven’t stopped going to conferences since. Outside of Model UN, I run Cross Country, Winter Track, and row Crew. When I’m not debating current events or exhausted from running or rowing, you might find me struggling with my Latin homework or playing ping pong in my dorm’s common room. I’m really excited to see you all in the fall!