Latin American Energy Organization: Sustainable Energy Use in Latin America

Chair: Caleb Richmond

Vice-Chair: Janessa Vargas

Since 1973, the members of Organizacion Latinoamericano de Energía (OLADE) have been working to foster a relationship between developing and developed nations in Latin America through the facilitation of the energy market. However, as many countries have begun focusing on a transition to renewable and sustainable sources, OLADE is placed in a new position where it aims to assist in the shift while encouraging a disposition of synergy and partnership. Delegates, representing prominent Latin American policymakers voices and major voices in the Energy market and, need to work together to enable the transition, setting aside political rivalries during this tempestuous point in time.


Meet Your Chair


Caleb Richmond is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy who currently lives in Bedford, New Hampshire. He participated in MUN for the first time when he came to Exeter in 9th grade. His work with the MUN team has given him a newfound interest in International Relations and Foreign Affairs. When he’s not occupied with school work, he enjoys hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. Caleb is excited for a day of unique debate and policy making with the members of OLADE!