Chair: Nahla Owens

Vice-Chair: Jack Zhang

In the year 1946, the world was reeling from six years of total war and devastation. Between the battles, sieges, and purges, over eighty million soldiers and civilians had been killed. Following these horrific events, historical figures such as Norman Robertson, William Lyon Mackenzie King and Arnold Heeney gathered to engage in heated debates over various proposed solutions such as war reparations, minority rights, and territorial adjustments, with the common goal of bring an end to the devastation. This gathering is known as the Paris Peace Conference of 1946, which was attended by various representatives from both the Allied and Axis powers. In this historic committee simulation, delegates will represent political figures who attended the Paris Peace Conference and have the opportunity propose creative solutions which will decide the fate of their world. Delegates can expect to enter into impassioned debate on methods to end the horrific conflict, and push forward into the future—ideologically, politically, economically, or otherwise.


Meet Your Chair


Nahla Owens is a freshman at Phillips Exeter Academy hailing from Houston, Texas. When she isn’t engaging in debates about global issues or complaining about the cold, she enjoys baking, volleyball, throwing on the track team, and binge watching movies with friends. Nahla was first introduced to Model UN in the fall term of her freshman year and has loved it and participated in it ever since. Nahla is extremely excited serve as the chair for the specialized committee: Paris Peace Conference 1946. Nahla also looks forward to an exhilarating day of fruitful debate, passionate speeches, and thoughtful solutions.