PEAMUN requires every delegate to submit a position paper which is an essay that each delegate use to showcases the country’s perspectives on a certain issue. Writing a position paper is extremely helpful when it comes to understanding the problem at hand and also brainstorming your solutions. A good position paper that entails careful thinking and constructive research is easier to write than you think! Here is a guide on how to do so!


A position paper has a few parts. Just like any other essays, a position paper also starts with introduction. For introduction, outline your understanding of the topic. Identify the main problem and provide insight about the conflict.

How is your country affected?

Next, mention about how your country is related to the issue. Remember to include any statistics or information about how your country is impacted by the issue. If it is about a widespread disease, include any details about research on how many people are impacted in your country?    

What has your country done?

Does your country collaborate with the UN? Is your country abiding by the guidelines set by the UN? It is important to have a wide range of research sources on this as it helps you to decide your final stance on the issue. If the issue is very relevant to your country, elaborate more about it in the position paper.

Detailed solutions

This is the part where actual problem solving skills come into play. This should be the longest paragraph in your position paper as you need to showcase your interpretation of the obstacles and how solutions can be drafted to improve the current situation. Avoid vague and unclear solutions, instead give lots of details and think about every aspect of them. Ask yourself how you can go about having a solution that does not have loopholes that others can pick or attack on.


Last, but not least, conclusion is used to tie loose ends and reemphasize the most important ideologies in your position paper. Include the bigger picture of the issue and help others to understand how your solutions will be able to lead to a positive change while keeping in mind that you are still representing your country’s stance. Be mindful about this as you are not representing yourself. You are representing a country so keep any personal opinions out and always put benefits of country in front of personal interest.  


Author: Chai Vankireddy

Published: October 10, 2018