Julia Goydan, Secretary-General

Julia Goydan is a senior at Phillips Exeter Academy. She has been involved in Model United Nations since her sophomore year at Exeter. This is her second year staffing PEAMUN and the first as Secretary-General of the conference. Outside of Model UN, Julia is a photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook, and a dorm proctor.

Tim Han, Comptroller

Tim Han is a third year senior at Phillips Exeter Academy. He has been an active member of a number of student government clubs, such as Model UN and Youth in Government for the last three years. Tim is the Comptroller for PEAMUN and Phillips Exeter MUN's Director of Finances. At PEAMUN, he will also be the chair of the JCC Monopolies Crisis Committee. When he's not MUN'ing, Tim can be found playing monopoly and being called "overly aggressive".


Rose Horowitch, USG of GAs

Rose Horowitch is a tenth grader at Phillips Exeter Academy. This is her third year participating in Model UN. Her favorite subjects are history and biology, and she also enjoys writing.  Outside of MUN, her extracurricular activities include writing for the school newspaper, as well as leading a community service club "Giving Thanks."  She will be chairing the General Assembly I and is looking forward to a day filled with debate and collaboration!

Dhruva Nistane, USG of ECOSOCs

Dhruva Nistane is a junior at Exeter. Joining Model UN at Exeter as a sophomore, Dhruva has taken it on as more than just a club... it's become his lifestyle. He enjoys discussing pressing issues rocking the foundations of society, as well as meeting new people. In his free time, Dhruva loves to watch TV shows and read. He is extremely excited to chair the Security Council this year and looks forward to some intense debate.

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Mark Blekherman, USG of Crisis

Mark Blekherman is a sophomore at Phillips Exeter Academy and the president of the MUN team. He joined MUN at the beginning of freshman year and has experienced all types of committees, from GAs to Crisis. At PEAMUN, Mark will serve as the Undersecretary-General of Crisis Committees, and he looks forward to an exciting day full of crises and negotiations. Apart from MUN, Mark enjoys writing for the school newspaper, debating proposals in Student Council, and playing water polo. His favorite subject in school is history.