Chair: Summer Hua

Vice-Chair: Justin Li

Moderator: Mia Kuromaru

The Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee is the third out of six main committees at the General Assembly. As the name suggests, it primarily deals with matters concerning human rights and humanitarian affairs.

Human trafficking is defined by the United Nations as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by improper means, such as force, abduction, fraud, coercion. In this committee, we will be focusing on trafficking for sexual exploitation. In the 2017 report, 24.7 million victims are estimated to be still trapped in modern-day human trafficking with Asia-pacific region accounting for 62% of total global human trafficking cases. The UN has proposed a plan of action which focuses on preventing trafficking, prosecuting offenders and protecting victims. However, cases of human trafficking continue to grow and remain relatively high. In this GA committee, delegates will come up with specific plans that address all aspects of human trafficking to combat this global issue. Delegates will also consider economic, security and resources assistance to countries when implementing the crafted guidelines.


Meet Your Chair


Summer Hua is currently a sophomore in Phillips Exeter Academy. Summer was born in China and grew up in Singapore. Summer was first introduced to Model United Nations when she came to PEA as a new sophomore this year and has continued to love it ever since. Summer is also the technology coordinator of PEAMUN, working with other board members to make PEAMUN X enjoyable for all. Apart from MUN, Summer also actively participates in Student Council, Business Club, TEDx and Operation Smile. Summer likes photography, singing and hanging out at coffee shops during her free time. Summer welcomes all delegates and she wishes to foster a conducive and enriching experience for all.