Special Political and Decolonization Comittee: Urbanization in Developing Nations

Chair: Samuel Chang

Vice-Chair: Daniel Chen

Moderator: Lekha Masoudi

SPECPOL (also known as the Special Political and Decolonization Committee or SPECPOL) is the fourth out of six main committees at the General Assembly, and deals with socio-political conflicts outside the purview of other GA committees.

The term “urbanization” is defined by the process in which large towns and cities are formed by increased population. This anomaly has become a key component in the global development of nations in the last couple of centuries, in fact the human population grew from 1.65 billion to over 6 billion in just the 20th century. Urbanization has been proven to be a great source of economic growth in the United States, Europe, and other advanced western but recent research has begun to show that modern developing nations are not seeing sustainable growth. Many developing nations are going through a phenomenon known as urbanization without growth. Delegates, who will be representing both developing and developed nations, need to work together to help diminish urbanization without growth. Delegates need to tackle this issue effectively while keeping each nations’ stance and capabilities in mind.


Meet Your Chair


Samuel Chang is a Senior at Phillips Exeter Academy. Although he’s originally from Princeton, New Jersey, he now resides in Browning House at the Academy. Sam was introduced to Model UN at the beginning of sophomore year when he attended PEAMUN IX. Since then, he has fallen in love with Model UN and is now one of our Directors of General Affairs for Exeter’s MUN club. Outside of MUN, Sam is also a New Hampshire FBLA State Officer and the Director of Advertisement and Outreach for the Exonian (school newspaper). Sam enjoys singing in concert choir and leading an all male acapella group, Sam also runs on the Academy’s winter and spring track team. Sam looks forward to serving as chair of SPECPOL, and can't wait to see delegates participate in fruitful debate.