Chair: Philip Horrigan

Vice-Chair: Adith Reddi

The UNSC has been tasked, since its inception in 1945, with maintaining international security and peace. It is the only UN committee able to prescribe military action and economic sanctions.

In PEAMUN X’s UNSC, delegates will be tasked with determining a solution to the issue of modern-day piracy. Pirates are highly active even today in areas such as the Gulf of Aden, the South China Sea, and off of the East coast of South America. Their nefarious activities include stealing cargo, kidnapping for ransom and sinking ships, which inhibit trade and prevent development. These pirates, unlike those in tales of old, are organized, intelligent, and highly equipped with sophisticated weaponry; they have been able to wreak havoc since the start of the 21st century due to a significant lack of legislation and intervention. If not managed, modern-day pirates will continue to draw billions of dollars away from the global economy.


Meet Your Chair


Hello members of the Security Council! My name is Phil Horrigan, a sophomore from Washington DC. I am a classics nerd and heavily involved in the Classics Club at school. During my short time at Exeter, I have joined the Cross Country, Track and Crew teams. I’ve followed politics and current events for my whole life and found Model UN in sixth grade to be a great way of exploring the world’s issues. Four years later, I have participated in a dozen conferences and finally have a role in my own committee. I first heard of modern-day pirates while researching for a conference last year and I think it’ll make a pretty good topic to discuss. I look forward to PEAMUN X and an exciting debate around pirates!