Congress of Vienna:

Chair: Nahla Owens

Vice-Chair: Noah James

In 1799, after the social upheaval of the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte took advantage of France's power vacuum and embarked on wars of conquest across Europe. Victory after victory, France's influence grew and Napoleon transformed the continent, absorbing lands into his own country, installing rulers in foreign nations, and shattering international alliances. The wars had redrawn borders, dissolved nations, and crippled governments. After his defeat in 1814, the powers of Europe met at the Congress of Vienna, deciding the future of the continent. Nations in this committee must take advantage of this opportunity to increase their influence, attempting to broaden their territory while also preventing other nations from becoming as threateningly powerful as France once was. In accordance with their country's views, delegates must form new alliances, while also creating a balance of power in Europe. Delegates must consider their personal motives and international cooperation in order to pass a resolution that creates long-lasting peace.


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