These former members brought the club to its current glory.

Hojoon Kim Legacy Picture.png


Hojoon Kim

Hojoon Kim, Phillips Exeter Academy Class of 2017, served as the Head Delegate of the PEAMUN travel team from 2016 to 2017. He began Model United Nations in his sophomore year and considers his fondest memory with the team to be when PEAMUN took Best Small Delegation at HMUN 2017. Outside of Model United Nations, he has served as Vice-President of the Phillips Exeter Academy Student Council and enjoys playing the piano.


Eric Tang

Eric Tang served as the Director of Training from 2015-2016 and as Director of Finance from 2016-2017. He also kept the PEAMUN website (mostly) functional during that time. His favorite memory from MUN is when the team won Best Small Delegation at HMUN 2017. He encourages all novice delegates to keep raising their placards -- especially when it's scary!